Net Logistics is is very pleased to be the first cPanel-authorised Australian distributor of cPanel®/WHM™ Licenses.

Available in both Internal (for use on server platforms hosted by us) and External (for use on server platforms elsewhere) variants, these licenses enable VPS and Dedicated Server clients to flexibly utilise today’s industry-leading control panel technology: cPanel®/WHM™.

Note: NL Shared and Reseller Hosting Clients are not required to purchase cPanel Licenses, as such accounts are based off of already-licensed servers.

Pricing Options

Unlike many other licensed applications, cPanel®/WHM™ offers extremely flexible licensing arrangements.The first, and most popular licensing system is a monthly approach. Available with or without support (provided by Net Logistics), each license enables you to install/run cPanel®/WHM™ on one web server, while paying for your license on a month-to-month basis. The second licensing system is a yearly approach — not only does this save on month-to-month costs, but it also includes monthly support at All cPanel®/WHM™ Licenses include unlimited domains/accounts.

License/Quantity Order
cPanel®/WHM™(Server, External), 1-4 servers $56/mo
cPanel®/WHM™(Server, External), 5-10 servers $59/mo
cPanel®/WHM™(Server, External), 11-19 servers $62/mo
cPanel®/WHM™(Server, External), 20+ servers $65/mo
1 Year cPanel®/WHM™(Server, External), 1 server $760/mo
External License Full Support (by Net Logistics) $100/inst
External License Installation (by Net Logistics) $65/inst
cPanel®/WHM™(Server, Internal), 1-4 servers $50/mo
cPanel®/WHM™(Server, Internal), 5+ servers contact us
Included in License FeeInternal License Full Support (by Net Logistics)
Included in License FeeInternal License Installation (by Net Logistics)

As your web ventures become more and more successful, you’ll eventually find that conventional shared hosting just isn’t enough anymore. And, from there, although you’re likely to move up to a VPS account, sometimes that’s still not enough power. In those situations, a dedicated server is, of course, the way to go!

Thankfully, Plesk® is a total hosting solution, which makes it a perfect match for most any type of hosting, even for a dedicated server!

When running your own server, Plesk® simplifies tasks such as: configuring services ranging from email to databases managing your IP addresses and SSL certificates automating server-wide backups and log rotation and even creating your own custom hosting packages

Plesk® is a solution to many problems, but you can think of it as your all-in-one dedicated server solution. Totally web-based, you’ll be monitoring and configuring all your server functions anywhere you have Internet access. From the comfort of your web browser, you’ll be running your own server like an experienced systems administrator in no time!

Smarter Mail Licensing

The same powerful SmarterMail technology available on our Windows-based shared and reseller hosting plans is also available as an additional feature on all of our Windows-based VPS and Dedicated server packages.

SmarterMail operates as a comprehensive replacement for Microsoft Exchange, offering a range of features and services usually only available in far more expensive solutions.
Moreover, it is eminently affordable — creating a situation where you can truly have enterprise-class e-mail features without enterprise-scale expenses.

End-users features:

Integrated Smartphone synchronization, compatible with protocols including Exchange ActiveSync, SyncML and SmarterMail Sync. Supported Smartphones include Windows Mobile devices and Apple iPhones. Support for Microsoft Outlook, enabling the seamless use of this popular e-mail application in conjunction with SmarterMail. Integrated anti-spam and anti-virus features, which help eliminate both security risks (phishing and viruses) and annoyances (spam), in turn increasing productivity. Regulation-compliant message archiving, to ensure business e-mails comply with current regulations pertaining to electronic records management. Sophisticated Webmail including collaboration tools such as contact management and calendars, offering users access to their Inbox anywhere they have a web connection. The feature set is also very rich for administrators, serving to make SmarterMail a truly “smart” mail server solution.

SmarterMail is available on all of our Windows-based VPS and Dedicated hosting platforms, as an additional add-on.

Pricing information for SmarterMail license

For more information on pricing, or if you have any questions about SmarterMail features, please do not hesitate to contact us.
SmarterMail Pro
$350SmarterMail Pro 250 Mailboxes
$500SmarterMail Pro 500 Mailboxes
$770SmarterMail Pro 1000 Mailboxes
$950SmarterMail Pro 2000 Mailboxes
$1,250SmarterMail Pro Unlimited Mailboxes
SmarterMail Enterprise
$550SmarterMail Enterprise 250 Mailboxes
$750SmarterMail Enterprise 500 Mailboxes
$950SmarterMail Enterprise 1000 Mailboxes
$1,250SmarterMail Enterprise 2000 Mailboxes
$1,750SmarterMail Enterprise Unlimited Mailboxes

Parallels Virtuozzo® Virtualisation

Virtualisation is the future. Parallels Virtuozzo Containers is the market leader in the field of virtualisation software.

Each of our VPS (Virtual Private Server) packages and dedicated servers utilize the industry-leading Virtualisation software package, Virtuozzo®. Virtuozzo® enables the management of an extremely wide variety of functions — on the VPS side, it creates a “true virtual environment,” enabling many of the features normally only available on a dedicated server, including root/Administrator access.

On the dedicated server side, Virtuozzo® is instrumental in making DDS — dynamic dedicated server — technology possible. In both cases, Virtuozzo empowers a variety of features; a built-in restart/reboot facility, a system-state backup capability, rapid scalability, incredibly easy restores in the case of hardware failure, zero-downtime server moves, and much more.

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    All of our hosting products are under-pinned by the speed and reliability of the latest IBM server hardware.

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