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New Announcement System


New Announcement System

Net Logistics makes every effort to avoid service interruptions – we design and deploy all of our systems and services with redundancy as a core feature. When selecting vendors for hardware, networking and software we never skimp on quality to save a few bucks. We have strict procedures in place to minimise any sort of human error and we have numerous systems in place to ensure that once your data is on our servers, it is secure from outside attackers.

Even after all this careful planning, occasionally circumstances conspire to thwart these efforts and regardless of the cause, we understand the need to be transparent with our clients when issues do arise. We need to keep them updated with what is happening and what we are doing to rectify the problem. In doing this, we help to retain the confidence of our clients whilst at the same time minimising load on our support staff. This helps to avoid increased response times on phone calls and support tickets unrelated to the service interruption.

Until now, all service announcements were placed in an “Announcements” subforum at https://forum.netlogistics.com.au. In time, it became apparent that a number of issues existed with this approach, with the most obvious being that the forum is hosted within our own infrastructure and could potentially be unavailable to our clients if we ever suffered some kind of large scale service interruption.

To mitigate the issues we identified with our previous system, we’ve implemented a new Service Status website at http://www.netlogistics.info/

This website provides announcements for any service interruptions across Net Logistics’ infrastructure and is completely independent of all Net Logistics systems and so will not be affected by any outages we may be experiencing. We recommend that all Net Logistics clients bookmark this page.